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Was the January Revolution a Was the January Revolution a conflict of government wings?

By- Sayed Amin

Mubarak spent thirty years as ruler of Egypt, although in my opinion - many people objected to him - he did not rule one day except in "trivial" matters, otherwise he was used as an official spokesman for the military council, To recite the decisions may even be prevented from discussing them, and to express his opinion on them.
In this situation lived Gamal Mubarak, decided to rise up a gently uprising, grew up in revenge for the dignity of his father, whom he saw him have been used as a " Scarecrow " or a "filter" that mitigates military orders to the ears of the people of the civil state and its alleged tools of parliament, judges, parties, Civil and religious institutions, not only, But receives criticism and vehement protests.
He was unaware of the censorship of the military sergeant, or apparently silent observation, Gamal takes over institutions to be loyal to him, and was of course the most important, " State Security Police Corporation".
As this security institution lacks the popular support from which it draws its strength in the event of clashes of institutions ,The "National Party" was tailored to be for president, son and wife, who also entered the battle of acquisition ,And had his friends and so have their enemies.
To complement the building that is firmly established, The media, economic, popular, elitist and religious arms Finished knitting, Through the 2005 constitutional amendments and Legal material 76 and adapting them to provide that the president's choice is passed through Parliament ,Which is absolutely at the mercy of the "private" party controlled by Mubarak's son.
The arrangements continued until the building was completed, Leaving only the coup against the coup, and for the first time giving the president the right to govern in accordance with his vision of governance, not a parrot repeating what he was asked to do ,And after the success of the command inherits the son spoils complete without a partner.
This party tried to communicate with the public and send implicit messages explaining his vision of what is going on in the government, through works of art, including "the president's cook" and the play "Leader".

the other side

If the former element is the variable element that can be referred to in group "B", element "A" is the prolonged constant element is undoubtedly the military and intelligence forces that have been closely monitoring the situation  , And relies on the policy of deceit ,hiding and prepare for the coup against the opponent,
, which brought him to header of the country ,and  when he became stronger rebelled against it, taking advantage of the state of popular anger on him, and the lack of knowledge of the people details of the split of Authority, "military" to two sides.
Because freedom of the media is a global demand, Group A has used it as a Trojan horse to accomplish this, while it was natural for Group B to be fooled by those demands of openness,
And considered it also possible to serve on their plan, and adds respect to them, especially that the prevention will undoubtedly help the enemies in their objects, and raise the roof of internal and external anger in the era of open skies.
Group A enlisted its own elite in the face of the old elites of media, journalists and some political, social, religious and other figures,
Established media platforms and presented them as "national forces" to help fuel the growing public discontent and support the lifting of the freedoms level to its highest level.
Also ,it Established political movements that have encouraged their courage and the unprecedented decline of Group B have created large numbers of people to join them, even though they do not belong to any one and  don't know the reality of their camp.
This " gathering" faced an unprecedented popular shift as "men of salvation and national sacrifice".
Between this and that, some personalities were left to play the role of mediator in any "war" settlements between the two teams, The most famous person of these figures is a journalist known for his dialect of Upper Egypt.
As the first side did, these side also produced works of art that supported his point of view, including " It's Chaos", "One Man" and others.

the great explosion

Prepare the kit, Each team entered its trench, All that remains is to ignite the popular revolution ,and Each team Embraces its human shields, , a team seems to people as if he had ruled thirty years, and not only reaped in them failure, Did not harvest them only failure, And thus Escape many people around him with the first ray of truth, so much that the defense about him became a cause of misery and shame, In face of another team that also seems to the viewer that - all of its members and not some of them - spontaneous revolutionaries moves by national jealousy and their collective political consciousness and not the sectarian, Therefore, most of the disgruntled people joined them.
The movement began in the ground on the predetermined day , Group B was able to abort it. Here, members of Group A felt the danger. They prepared the next two days for a greater movement supported by the second-tier leaders of the Ministry of Police that promised protection, And actually got the patent after that.
These leaders surrounded the squares and streets from all four sides, and they opened fire and gas bombs on all citizens and in all directions, even the upper floors of the buildings in order to mobilize the anger of its inhabitants and the inclusion of the angry movement on the ground, And they intended to intensify the popular rejection and then prepare for the  "disappearance of police" or break the military arm of group "B" and leave the theater full of group "A" and the discontented popular movement, resulting in the collapse of all the barricades of group "B" media, social and religious very quickly.
It seems that the Minister of Police Habib al-Adli, Major General Omar Suleiman, intelligence minister and General Ahmed Shafiq are among the few officials who refused to surrender to the plan,
, The first was imprisoned and the second was killed " Some say he was kidnapped", while the third did not harm the presence of many supporters in group "A"; So they decided to get rid of him through his media savagery.
solicit the people through his  the famous speech, The protest subsided. Here, the group "A" Hurried up the attack the demonstrators in the site of "camel" and raised the wave of anger and protest again ; Rather, it was amplified more and more and was being directed to take a violent mode, , Which placed Mubarak in a state of humiliation, especially as most of the tools of power were working against him, and then ended up forcing him to step down.
We must not forget here that the flow of the Muslim Brotherhood and the political stream of Islam in the fields contributed to the rapid fall of Mubarak and his group , And failed the plan, which wants to stop the revolution at the end of the overthrow of Mubarak and the appointment of a replacement general only, and they turned it into a real popular revolution hostile to both blocs of the conflicting A & B.
Although the flow of Islamists appeared to be in support of Group A, that group considered them their new enemies, especially when they knew their ability to mobilize the popular, Where the opening of the rapid fall of Mubarak and his group, the appetite of  group "a"  to complete the disposal of all potential new competitors, especially the political movements of Islam , But in a way that turns them into enemies of all the forces of minorities in the country, through their demonization ,the media and then fight them from all sides.,

Conflict indicators

The indicators of the hidden conflict between the security services in Egypt were clear, perhaps the most obvious are the friction that took place in several forums between the men of the army and the police, as happened in the police department in May 2010, and then responded by storming the SSI headquarters after the revolution.
also ,The sudden emergence of bold and " Supported " political movements in support of either of the two rival blocs, the rapid shift of Who were known for their strong loyalty to the ruling power,Especially if their position was compared to what happened after the military coup in 2013, and unite them all behind it , despite the massacres that were claimed to awaken the conscience more of the kind that was made in 2011.
It is strange that they also defended the opening of the ceiling of liberties to the maximum until the overthrow of Mubarak and his group, and the transformation into chaos until the overthrow of the Islamic brand, Then they defended firmly, but to close the ceiling of freedoms completely, When Group A completed its entire plan, leaving only a small part.
In general, the January revolution, whether a revolution the army tried to abort, or the disagree of wings of government –unintentionally-turned into A real great revolution, unintentionally, it is a fact fixed in the hearts of the Egyptians, and will inevitably win.

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